UPDATE: Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said today that Stockton bank robbery hostage Misty Holt-Singh was killed by police gunfire last month. 

The Stockton Police Department held a news conference this afternoon on the deadly robbery and police chase that took place on July 16. 

The preliminary investigation by the department revealed that Holt-Singh was hit by about 10 bullets, which is consistent with the theory that a suspect used her a "human shield." 

Jones met with the family of Holt-Singh prior to the news conference to let them know the findings of the investigation. 

Jones said the "assailants fired over 100 bullets during the incident" and had 200 bullets with them. Thirty-three police fired approximately 600 bullets at the robbery suspects.  

Jones also says that they are still looking for a fourth suspect in the robbery. They have not identified the suspect at this time and are still looking for tips from the public. 

Three men entered and robbed a Stockton bank and took three women hostages. It is thought they were dropped off by a fourth suspect.