The Stockton Police Department is warning those working at firework booths this week: Watch out for counterfeiters.

"We've had several calls from different booths saying they've received fake, counterfeit money," Officer Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department said. 

Silva says in the past few days at least eight firework booths run by charity groups have fallen victims to accepting counterfeit money, resulting in hundreds of dollars in losses. 

The Community Center for the Blind and Visually impaired found out they lost $500 over the weekend when they tried depositing the fake money at a bank. 

Silva says it might not be just one person going around with this scam. 

"Sounds like there's several people that have been going to different booths and taking advantage of this situation -- going up to these nonprofits who are selling these fireworks and trying to pass counterfeit bills," he said. 

Silva is advising volunteers working the booths not to confront someone if they think they were given counterfeit money, but rather call the police and get a good description of the suspect and their vehicle.