Lack of water and our drought is now the top priority for Californians, according to a new poll.

Californians and Environment, is an annual poll of residents that asks a wide range of questions from global warming to who you will vote for governor. There were some changes in this year's results: 

"For the first time since we started this survey in 2000, Californians were most likely to name water and the drought as the most important environmental issue. Previously air pollution was always named the top environmental issue," Mark Baldassare President and Chief Executive Officer of the Public Policy Institute of California said.

Baldassare says the findings from the annual poll show that 80 percent see lack of water and the drought as a big problem. 

"We are finding that awareness and recognition of the drought is huge in California right now," Baldassare said. 

And a majority of likely voters also say they would support a water bond measure to solve the state's water problems.