One young man says he's solved the mystery of the unidentified plane that has been circling Sacramento area neighborhoods.

He's a local college student who doesn't want to be named, but he has been tracking what he said is the mystery plane that has people talking.

He claims we've been seeing an FBI plane methodically circling Sacramento neighborhoods -- actually three planes.  

"You were seeing this plane, this FBI plane," he said. 

Talking with News10, the student said he used a feature on the Sacramento County Airport System's website called WebTrak.  

It's used to identify aircraft for noise complaints. He tracked the plane one day along I-5.

"And somewhere around Riego Road or so, it turns and it goes toward Roseville," he said. 

He says at least three different aircraft have been flying mostly out of McClellan Air Park.

The planes are using the call signs J-E-N-A, which according to online reports is the prefix used by the FBI.  

But when asked about the planes, FBI spokeswoman Gina Swankie declined to comment.