An ordinance that would limit or ban smoking on restaurant and bar patios isn't getting a warm reception from Midtown business owners who'd be affected by the decision.

The Sacramento City Council's Law and Legislation Committee is meeting Tuesday afternoon to discuss outlawing smoking in outdoor patio areas of eateries and bars

Carl Wenger of "The Shady Lady" calls the ban "a horrible idea." 

"It should kind of be left up to clientele to decide whether they want to spend time in smoking areas or nonsmoking areas," he said. 

Wenger believes allowing outdoor smoking while having a smoke-free atmosphere inside provides a place for all.

"I have not heard anybody on the industry side or on the clientele side express complaints about the current arrangement he said," he said.

Councilman Steve Hansen is behind the talks... saying he hopes "to improve public health while respecting the business needs of restaurant owners.