A city council committee listened to residents Tuesday speak out about a potential ordinance that would limit or ban smoking on restaurant and bar patios.

Ed Rohr of the Magpie Cafe believes he might be in the minority when it comes to restaurant owners, but he's in favor of the smoking ban, saying his restaurant has continued to thrive since going smoke-free.

"I don't like to be told what to do either, but people also don't need to have smoke blown in their face while they're eating dinner or having drinks," Rohr said. 

But spokesman Kevin Green says while the Metro Chamber is a strong proponent for public health, his organization believes business owners need the ability to make the decisions that make sense for their individual environment.

"We feel that a full ban represents overreach, and in light of limited code enforcement resources, will lead to enforcement challenges," he said. 

More discussion to determine the elements of any ordinance is necessary before action can be taken.