President Barack Obama is about to sign a bill that will provide for levee improvements in Natomas, and some day, end a building moratorium.

The president will sign a congressional water act tomorrow that authorizes improvements across the country, including a billion dollars worth of levee repairs locally.

When pen hits paper, it will start a year, or so, countdown to the possible lifting of a 2008 building ban.

"We should make it through that process pretty seamlessly," Councilwoman Angelique Ashby said. 

She says it can't happen soon enough.

Developers have been sitting on lots and are ready with infill projects, and some families are just waiting to re-build.

"Folks who've homes have sustained damage, and they haven't been able to make those critical repairs, they'll be able to do that," Ashby said. 

Ashby is headed to Washington, D.C., for the signing.

Mayor Kevin Johnson and Representative Doris Matsui will be there as well.