President Barack Obama took his promotional push for healthcare enrollment to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Thursday.

A new study by came out this week showing that one-third of uninsured Americans are going to remain without coverage and opt to pay the penalty.  

President Obama appeared via satellite on "Ellen" and explained why there's a deadline, and why young people need to sign up.

"They need to figure out how many people have signed up, what the risk pool looks like -- how many elderly, how many healthy people, how many young people. And that's how they set prices for the following year," Obama said. 

The president also nudged parents to get kids to sign up.

"So all I am encouraging everybody to do is to take a look and see what options are right for you and your family. And moms out there, email your kids if they don't have health insurance and tell them to at least check it out because they may be pleasantly surprised that it's much more affordable than people thought," Obama said.