The Suicide Crisis Line in Sacramento received 32,000 calls last year. Well Space Health takes 707 & 530 area codes, too. (KFBK/Mike Simpson)

There's always someone to talk.

Robin Williams' death has put suicide prevention back in the spotlight.

Well Space Health operates a 24-hour suicide crisis line that takes calls from all over Northern California.

It took 32,000 last year, with less an 1 percent of them resulting in a 911 dispatch.

See below for information on what to do if you or loved ones are are feeling depressed or having suicidal thoughts.

Crisis Hotline phone numbers:

Sacramento: (916) 368-3111
Auburn: (530) 885-2300
Roseville: (916) 773-3111
Lincoln: (916) 645-8866

Crisis chat by text: Text the word HOPE to 916.668.iCAN (4226)


Helping Someone in Suicidal Crisis