Pro-Russian separatists seized control of the offices of a regional state television in the eastern Ukrainian city of Down-etsk today saying they would take it off air and broadcast a Kremlin-backed Russian channel instead.

Reports say four separatists in masks, with truncheons and shields, were standing at the entrance to the building controlling access, while more separatists in camouflage fatigues could be seen inside.

About fifteen police officers were standing a short distance away but were not trying to resist the separatists. This, in light of the recent release of one of the eight observers who are being held prisoner.

CBS News Correspondent Holly Williams has the latest on the remaining seven.

'The other seven members of the team - one civilian translator, and six military officers are still in detention in Slavyansk. We asked them today whether they had had any indication what needed to happen for them to be released, and they said no, they didn't know.'