Protesters today let the U.S. Interior Secretary know they don't more water being pumped out of the Delta.

The Restore the Delta group says Secretary Sally Jewell should not be misled to believe that the peripheral tunnels proposed by Governor Jerry Brown are of any value in meeting California's water challenge, and the Delta pumping is a problem.

"We want Secretary Jewell to understand that the Delta has been in a drought for 14 years because the system has been over-pumped," Spokeswoman Barbara Barrigan-Parilla said. 

Barrigan-Parilla also says the drought has been made worse because state and federal officials have allowed upstream water sources to be overdrawn the past two years.  

She wants the federal officials to take a closer look at the Delta situation.

Jewell is in California today getting a first-hand look on our state's historic drought and water-related issues.

Jewell reiterated the full support of the Obama Administration to provide relief for California. Her visit comes on the heels of President Obama's visit to Fresno where he pledged federal funds for drought relief.

Jewell and California Secretary for Natural Resources John Laird toured water storage facilities in Central California today and met with agricultural water users who rely on water expoerted from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.