National Weather Service officials confirm that the tornado that landed in Roseville wasn't the ONLY twister to touchdown in Northern California Wednesday: about a half-hour before the smaller F-zero tornado made its appearance in West Roseville, a larger system passed through Glenn County north of Willows,

"It was determined to be an EF1, which is, we're saying 90-100mph winds," said Meterologist Michelle Mead.

Mead says while most of the damage was to outbuildings and large trees, there was also some crop damage and three farms were directly hit.  One of the homes suffered structural damage but nothing that will make it unliveable.

Meantime, Roseville authorities say things are pretty much back to normal today although the city has provided dumpsters for those affected by yesterday's weather and the fire department is helping one family with damaged roofing.


A rare tornado touched down in Roseville during a storm yesterday afternoon.    

A fast-moving, hard-pounding rain squall spawned a funnel cloud that touched down in Roseville, just in time for rush hour Wednesday.  

Fire Captain Jamie Pepin describes the damage they're calling the worst they've seen in some time. 

"Tweve to 18 homes have been affected. Roof tiles off of the roofs, broken windows, fences have been knocked over, we did have one air conditioning unit that was ripped from its base," Pepin said. 

The tornado cut a swath about 10 to 20 yards wide.  

Funnel Clouds were spotted initially over Glenn County and one funnel did touchdown in Rocklin as well.  

No word on any damage or injuries from that one.

The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for parts of Sacramento, Placer and Sutter counties.

The warning was lifted about 7:45 Wednesday night. 

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