It's early, but they're here. This warm weather is bringing rattlesnakes out of hibernation.

Len Ramirez with Ramirez Rattlesnake Removal has been bagging snakes since 1985 and he says these high temperatures, combined with our drought, has many of them moving out of burrows a couple months early...

"They'll hunt late afternoon, when it starts to cool off into the evening hours," he warned.

Following rodents into or near homes and curling up, under hedges, ivy, or brush...

" garages, underneath houses, underneath porches..." Ramirez listed.

State Poison Control says so far this year, 84 people have been treated for snakebites, an unusually high number.

Ramirez says your best kit if it happens to you is car keys and a cell phone. Get to a hosptial for some antivenom.