Governor Brown urged cautious spending during his remarks today, but will the legislature follow suit?

GOP leaders like Senator Bob Huff hope so.  He said Brown is sounding more and more like a Republican every day and that policies like a rainy day fund are something he can support,

"I thought it apt again that he quoted biblically about the seven fat years, seven lean years."

Democrats also support setting money aside, Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg calls it fundamentally important...

"..but there's also some room to make some smart investments," he added.

Steinberg's thinking transitional kindergarten and restorations of safety net programs.  He said a supermajority didn't squander money last year and won't tap too far into our surplus this year either.

Assemblyman and Chief Republican Whip Dan Logue gave a slightly different reaction to the governor's speech:

“Water needs to be our top priority this year. We are looking at potentially the driest winter in 500 years. Reservoirs are drying up, farmers are losing their crops, and it’s just getting worse. Our economy is reliant on an adequate and healthy water supply. We need to work with Governor Brown to find long-term solutions to ensure proper allocation and usage of water throughout the state.”

Click here for audio and a transcript of Gov. Brown's entire speech.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari also posted a response to the governor's speech, saying,

“The state of the state is devastating for millions of Californians. Our schools are ranked 46th in the nation.  Nearly 18% of Californians are out of work or stuck in part-time jobs.  People don’t want welfare.  They want good jobs.  Yet instead of doing the hard work of fixing these problems, Governor Brown is focused on touting record-high spending and building a crazy train that the state doesn’t want and can’t afford...Let there be no doubt: The status quo is unacceptable and we can’t let Governor Brown get away with it.”

You can watch his entire response below.