The Fourth of July holiday may be behind us, but there's still plenty of summer left.  

And with eight of 10 Americans planning water activities through the warm-weather months, the American Red Cross is promoting an anti-drowning campaign to promote safe swimming.

Summer is a time for fun and celebration, and the American Red Cross wants to make sure tragedy doesn't strike YOUR gathering.

"Make sure that you know who's around, and people are aware of rules around the pool," Spokesman Jordan Scott said. 

He says that's especially true when it comes to children.

"You want to make sure they are supervised -- parents know where they are, especially if they don't know how to swim or don't swim very well," Scott said. 

And never let anyone swim alone, whether it's a backyard party or if you're on a big lake.  

More safety tips are available from the Red Cross through free downloadable apps for your smart-phone.