Sheriff's deputies in the Redding area burned down a home where dangerous explosives were found.

Dozens of residents hade to evacuate the area around the mobile home owned by DeRay East.  

Earlier this month Shasta County sheriff's deputies went to the home after East blew off his own hand in an explosion.  

A search of his home turned up explosives and an improvised explosive device.

This neighbor told News10 he was shocked to hear that.

"Even I'm not so worried about gun powder, gun powder doesn't explode, a lot of people reload their own ammunition. But when he said IED, OK, there's no reason for anyone of be making their own IED," he said. 

An IED is an "improvides explosive device."

Officials proceeded with burning East's home Monday, saying it was the safest way to dispose of the explosive -- the reportedly several small and large explosions during the burn.  

No word on what charges East may face. Neighbors will have to wait until the all clear before going home.