A California state senator says a new report from the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee shows Caltrans was aware of shoddy work on the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge.

And Senator Anthony Cannella say officials attempted to hide the trouble.

He calls the alleged cover up "quite shocking." And he thinks some with Caltrans might actually be prosecuted.

"For the report, and for the testimony, folks that tried to bring it to the attention of their superiors were told, basically, to keep it quiet," Canella said. 

The report also show some inspectors were reassigned or completely removed from the project.

Senator Cannella won't say how "up the chain of command" the alleged cover-up goes.

He instead wants to focus on ensuring the Bay Bridge is safe.

The report is from the state Senate's Transportation and Housing Committee, and it contains testimony from engineers who cast doubt about the durability of welds on bridge pieces produced in China.

They also question the integrity of large bolts.

One engineer says his company found hundreds of cracks. His firm was eventually taken off the project.

Caltrans isn't talking about the report's findings.