More than two dozen residents at a Roseville apartment complex will have to leave their homes by the end of the month after a balcony collapsed, exposing poorly maintained living conditions. 

Two weeks ago, a balcony at Shadowbrook Apartments collapsed while an 11-year-old boy stood on it.

The boy was not injured, but that led to the city discovering wood at the complex being severely rotten. 

In addition to the wood rot, the city told a local news station that the complex also has issues with roofs, drainage, mold and weather proofing. 

The Shadowbrook Apartments are more than 30 years old and were in the process of being repaired, however residents say they don't know why it took so long to get started. 

Tenants are being told they need to be out by the end of June because of the bad conditions.

They won't be charged rent for this month and are being reimbursed their security deposits, in addition to being given $500 for moving expenses.

However, residents say this move is still going to be tough for people.