People living in North Natomas are not happy with the aerial pesticide spraying for West Nile Virus over the weekend, saying they were never warned.

Now the mosquito control district is changing the way it alerts for future spraying. 

Residents in Sacramento and Yolo County will now receive an email the day an aerial spraying is scheduled -- that's if they've signed up for the alerts. 

This comes after angry residents say they were never warned that an 8,000-acre rice farm was going to be sprayed with pesticides, with nearby homeowners claiming the planes flew over their houses numerous times. 

The aerial spraying last Saturday was originally scheduled for the day before, however, weather conditions forced pilots to fly the next evening.

The Sacramento Yolo Mosquito Vector Control District tells the Sacramento Bee they did not update their website with the changes, so even people checking the site were not aware. 

A spokesman with the mosquito control district says they will make sure to properly notify residents of future sprayings on a daily basis through their email alerts and website. 

Sign up to get the email alerts, here.