Restaurant workers and bartenders will be gathering at a local establishment this morning. But they're not there to talk food or libations;  they're working to repeal a law.

Assembly Heath Committtee Chair Dr. Richard Pan is meeting with restaurant industry leaders as they work to urge the Senate to pass a bill that will repeal California's ban on hand-to-food contact.  

It's called the Glove Law, and it has barred chefs, bartenders and other restaurant employees from handling ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands.  

Many say the gloves create a false sense of security for workers who normally would wash their hands between different tasks, but continue to wear the same gloves.

Kimio Bassett is co-owner of Hook and Ladder and The Golden Bear and says of the bill: 

"It doesn't work. Any chef that's actually worked hands on in the kitchen that gloves are kind of gross. At the end of the day, people don't change them enough, they run out, all sorts of things can happen inside the gloves, they tear," he said.  

The Senate votes on the Assemblyman Pan's bill tomorrow.