The Sacramento River Cats came up short in their quest for the playoffs this year, but, even a 2-1 extra inning loss to Reno in Monday's deciding game hasn't dampened the spirits of Sacramento baseball fans.

Kevin drove in from Carmichael for Monday's action, hoping for a better outcome.

"They always have a solid team, they tend to run into a team that's playing hotter," he said. 

Will the Founding Club Season Ticket holder be back next year?

"If they stay affiliated with the A's I will," he said, noting that he's not a Giants fan. 

Bobbi Fox, who made the trip from Lodi, stayed positive in spite of the loss. 

"It was a great season, I wish we could have pulled off the win today, but you know, they did a great job out there -- they tried," she said. 

She says she'll renew her season tickets for next year, especially if there's a new parent club.

"I would love to see the Giants here as an affiliation," she said. 

She went on to point out her freshly painted orange and black toenails.