ROSEVILLE, Calif. -- A Roseville couple is behind bars for allegedly sending drugs through the U.S. Mail.

Lionel and Jaylene Reyes are accused of vacuum sealing four pounds of meth and sending it through the post office. Roseville Police spokesperson DeeDee Gunther describes how they got involved.

"We were alerted by postal authorities about a package that had been returned to them. There were some anomalies in the addressing of the package, and some other things that made them suspicious of it," Gunther said.

Gunther says it's important to get high-level drug dealers off the streets of Roseville.

"Especially a drug dealer at this level. Sometimes they become a magnet for crime themselves -- for robbers. Drug dealing and drug use really drag the quality of neighborhoods down," Gunther said.

It's becoming more common for higher-level drug dealers to mail illegal drugs out of state, because they're often more expensive--and thus more.