There's no end in sight to this drought and now another local city is ordering mandatory water cutbacks.

Roseville is asking -- or telling -- its utility customers to reduce overall water use by 20 percent, and officials are getting pretty specific.

For example, no water will be brought to your table at restaurants unless you ask.

"Prohibition in terms of washing cars without a closing nozzle" and no rinsing of hard, outdoor surfaces unless it's for a health and safety reason, said Sean Bigley with the City of Roseville.

Bigley says these cuts are being called mandatory, but customers won't see a surcharge if they don't comply.

Repeat wasters could be hit with fines, though, if that waste is apparent.

"We patrol for water waste anyway," he said. 

The team however, is much smaller than what we see in Sacramento.

Business customers in Roseville are being asked to cut back their outdoor irrigation use by 30 percent.

Roseville water customers can monitor their water use, here.