The Roseville Police Department is going online to try to reunite stolen property to its rightful owners.

The department launched an online property room where people can go and see if their stolen items have been recovered.

Roseville PD's Property and Evidence Supervisor Scott Koll says not only is this helpful for people who were robbed or burglarized, but it also might help detectives catch who did stole the items. 

"If they call us and say, 'That's my bicycle,' that helps us link up where we believe where the suspect was and it helps us draw the whole investigation together," Koll said. 

Items on the website include everything from bicycles and computers to jewelry and power tools.

Neither the city of Sacramento or Sacramento County has a website like this, so people will have to do it the old fashioned way by filing a report to see if it matches any items recovered. 

See the online archive, here.