STOP has been stopped -- at least for now. 

Sacramento's City Clerk has rejected a ballot measure that would have put a downtown arena subsidy up for a public vote.

Members with Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork, or STOP, have been told their petitions didn't comply with election code.

"Due to technical issues identified in the submitted petitions, I find the petition noncompliant with significant provisions of the California Elections Code and the Sacramento City Charter, and therefore insufficient to move forward," Concolino said in a media statement. 

Arena supporters had previously raised concerns about different versions of the forms with some "substantial" wording differences.

"We have, for weeks now, been detailing the amazing amount of issues with the STOP campaign petitions," Joshua Wood with the said. 

Wood says says there were a number of different petition versions, each with varying wording. 

It's unlikely that the fight is over.

STOP says their only recourse now appears to be court action.

So if STOP files a lawsuit, what can we expect? Local attorney Bill Portonova says the court process will be expedited in light of the June election, but it may be a tall order to convince a judge to go against the clerk.

"The entire city, even the state government, is moving forward with this Sacramento arena plan, and it would be extraordinary if a judge were to give the benefit of a doubt to these petitioners," Portanova said. 

STOP has said the errors in their forms were inadvertent and insignificant.

Portonova says it will come down to whether a judge believes people were signing up for "different" measures or issues.

Examination of STOP Petitions