Lawns are going to get pretty brown around Sacramento as water reduction measures are now in effect.

As a result of last night's City Council meeting, Sacramento must cut water usage by 20% to 30%.  Sacramento Department of Utilities Director Dave Brent set the stage for last night's action,

"The Bureau of Reclamation has reduced flows on the American River to 500-cubic-feet per second. We are again, coming forward with a recommendation that the city come forward with a Stage 2 water shortage plan." 

Brent also said it is getting to the critical stage because of the rainy season has yet to materialize.

"The chances of rain get slimmer and slimmer, and more importantly, the chances for snow," he added. 

The council wanted to know where all the water went.  Councilmember Steve Hansen quizzed Brent about the Bureau of Reclamation's management of water resources.

"Why did we only begin reducing the flow of Folsom recently, we have been shipping water to L.A. over the better part of the fall and the summer, and their reservoirs are full, when ours are at 18 percent," Hansen asked. 

Brent responded that no one figured the drought would last this long. 

"I'm defending the Bureau. They've got a tough job. Nobody in August knew we were going to be facing this.  They're basing their operation on averages, too," Brent said. 

Under the plan, water monitors will be roaming the city looking for people wasting water.  They can be cited by the city and fined.