Sacramento County's DA says she has a new way to combat sex trafficking and it's all about awareness.

District Attorney Jan Scully has unveiled a program that will place posters in more than 600 locations including light rail stations, bus stops, urgent care centers, and sex shops. They're aimed at victims, but also members of the public.

If you see something, say something.

"Calling 911 or the hotline number on this poster can bring these offenders to justice," Scully said. 

The campaign was mandated by state law and has a broad focus.

The sex trade, "domestic servitude in the fields" and long hours at restaurants are all focuses, says Claire Lipschultz from the National Council of Jewish Women.

Scully defended a claim from a district attorney candidate that her office has prosecuted minors involved in prostitution.

She says girls go into the probation system so they don't end up back on the streets.