Looking to enjoy the water this holiday weekend, but don't own a life jacket?  

The Sacramento Fire Department is willing to loan you one for the day or the weekend.  

Life jackets are proven to help prevent drowning, and California law requires anyone under 13 on board a boat to wear one. 

Six Sacramento fire stations have the jackets for adults and children.

· Station 1 - 624 Q Street

· Station 5 - 731 Broadway

· Station 8 - 5990 H Street

· Station 11 - 785 Florin Road

· Station 15 - 1591 Newborough Drive

· Station 60 - 3301 Julliard Drive

In addition to wearing a life jacket, the Sacramento Fire Department offers these water safety tips:

· Never swim alone and never go in the water after drinking alcohol.

· Stay within arm’s length of inexperienced swimmers.

· Always watch children in and around water. Assign a water watcher. Don't assume someone else is watching. Drowning is quick and silent, it can happen in seconds.

· Drain inflatable pools and coolers after each use. A toddler can drown in just one inch of water.

· Call 911 right away if someone is in trouble.

And if you are heading out to the American River this Memorial Day weekend Sacramento County wants to remind you there will be a complete ban on alcohol possession and consumption in the water and on land between Hazel Avenue and Watt Avenue.

The Regional Parks district is also temporarily raising the vehicle entrance fee to $8 for a single vehicle and $13 for over-sized vehicles.

The extra fees will help staff increased weekend patrols and enforcement of the American River Parkway. 

It's not just water safety officials are encouraging, with the drought and dry conditions in full force on this holiday known for camping, you're being asked to be extra careful with fire, too. 

Cal Fire wants to remind you that 27,000 acres and dozens of homes have already been destroyed in our state due to wildfires.

Spokesman Daniel Berlant says to make sure to clear debris and leaves within a 10-foot perimeter of where you plan to build your fire. 

Also, make sure all campfires are completely extinguished before leaving and when barbecuing, never leave the grill unattended.