The K9 officers of the Sacramento Police Department truly earn the praise they'll get during National "Thank a Police Dog Week."

It's not all fun and games when THESE K9's spring into action:

"A lot of the people that we are looking for don't really want to be found so there have been several incidents where our dogs have been kicked, choked, punched..." said Officer Gary Dahl.

Dahl's K9 partner, Bandit, was even shot while on patrol.

"We responded to a home invasion/takeover/robbery. The suspect was attempting to flee out the back. I sent Bandit after him. He turned and went back inside, and when Bandit went inside after him, he was waiting inside with a gun."

After some time off to recover, Bandit faithfully returned to patrol with Officer Dahl, who's always grateful to have the Czechoslovakian German Shephard along for the shift.

"I'm sure that without me knowing it, he's saved my life more times than I can count," Dahl said. You can learn more about the Sacramento Police K9 Association here.