Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones was asked today on KFBK if last weekend's bloody violence that left four dead and 17 more injured from gunshot wounds is a troubling, growing trend.

What remains unclear to local law enforcement is whether those 3 bloody days and nights just a violent aberration or the beginning of a disturbing trend?

"Well it is, I mean obviously it causes us to to look and see if there's correlation or causation that we can address, but shootings are overall down by about half year over year from last year so I wouldn't say it's a trend or something to be overly concerned about but certainly when you have as many as we've had both in the city and county in such a short period of time it does make folks pay attention," said Sheriff Scott Johns.

Jones is looking at a number of different possibilities; gang activity, early prisoner release, warmer weather, longer days, and/or even the fact that, yes, there was a full moon last Saturday.

On a brighter note, the Sherriff will have lots of time put the puzzle together.  No one is opposing him for a second four year term.