Candidates for Sacramento County District Attorney have been wasting no time trying to get the advantage over one another.

People attending the forum for candidates to replace outgoing District Attorney Jan Scully were treated to a indoor fireworks show.

This is the first time in 20 years we will have a new district attorney. Scully ran unopposed for the past five elections. 

This administration gave management raises while cutting line staff and telling the public that misdemeanors wouldn't be prosecuted and officer involved shootings wouldn't be reviewed. My opponent accepted these raises year after year," Deputy Attorney General Maggie Krell said.  

Krell, firing the first salvo of the campaign at her challenger Supervising Deputy District Attorney, Anne Marie Schubert.  

Schubert promptly fired back accusing Krell of either not understanding how the District Attorney's office works or saying she is intentionally trying to mislead the public.  

Also on hand, candidate Todd Leras, supporting his own stand that the public wants to see crime prevention alternatives replace the current stand of "tough-on-crime" sentencing for repeat offenders.