The Track and Field Championships are just one day away and are bringing in big names and big money.

Track may not be the most popular sport out there, but the fans are die-hards, and thousands are expected to watch some of the nation's top athletes tomorrow through Sunday.

"The economic impact of this event will be south of $4 million. A lot of people coming in and staying in hotels," Mike Testa with the Convention and Visitors Bureau said. 

Shot put starts tomorrow at the Capitol and then the event moves to Hornet Stadium.

Ten thousand people could fill the stands each day. More will watch on TV and that's a big postcard.

"To be able to get that kind of coverage for two days in a row on NBC nationally is not something that we would have the budget to do," Testa said. 

A successful year could bring the championships -- or maybe even the Olympic Trials -- back to town.