A new Sacramento website is looking to become the 21st century version of a community newsletter and bulletin board -- all rolled into one.

It's called the Sacramento Hashtag Project. Harnessing the power of Twitter, the site grabs Tweets that use a specific, hyper-local hashtags, such as #DowntownSac, or #MidtownSac.

"And that is to help you find other people in your community or small businesses or projects that maybe you wouldn't have known about otherwise," Creator MaryJayne Zemer said. 

Creator MaryJayne Zemer says the site is still in its beta phase, however.

"It's reaching that tipping point where enough poeople are using it that it's actually useful," she said. 

Have some news you'd like to share, or curious what's happening in your neighborhood? Become part of the project by clicking, here.