Sacramento will host the world premiere of "Turlock: The Documentary," which chronicles what some say is the largest animal neglect case in U.S. history.

The film follows the case wherein Stanislaus County prosecutors filed criminal charges against A&L Poultry for felony animal cruelty for walking away from tens of thousands of caged chickens. 

"Owners abandoned 50,000 hens in wire cages without any food for more than two weeks, and they said they couldn't afford to feed them. But the truth is that, it's standard industry practice after two years for all the egg-laying hens to be killed because their egg production slows down. What really set this apart, was the fact that they abandoned them," Keegan Kuhn, director of the film, said.  

40,000 chickens died -- one-third because of starvation, the rest were euthanized because they were in poor condition.  

The group Animal Place were able to save about 4,000 of the hens.  

The film, "Turlock: The Documentary" premieres at The Guild Theatre in Sacramento tonight at 7 p.m.