The NBA's annual draft lottery was held tonight and the Sacramento Kings got the No. 8 pick.

The Cleveland Cavaliers got the No. 1 pick for the second straight year. The Bucks will pick second and the 76ers will pick third.

The teams with the worst records in the league had the best odds of securing the first pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

The Milwaukee Bucks had the best chance of picking No. 1 after losing 67 games this season.

The draft is composed of teams that did not make the playoffs and is weighted so that the teams with the worst records have a better chance of getting the No. 1 pick.

The draft actually only decides the top three picks. After the top three, the remaining teams orders are based on record.

The Sacramento Kings had a 4.3 percent chance of getting the first pick.

Kings Owner Vivek Ranadive was not at the event since he will be at Sacramento City Hall for the arena vote. His daughter, Anjali represented the Kings. 

The NBA Draft will be held June 26.