The Sacramento Kings are introducing a new piece of technology and will accept a new form of virtual currency to continue their head coach's promise of a new Kings 3.0 philosphy. 

Starting the 24th, the Kings will start wearing Google Glasses to give fans an in court experience.  Kings owner Vivek Ranadive tweeted a youtube link of how things would look through the eyes of his star athletes.  No word of when the athletes would wear the technology but most likely only during warm-ups and introductions.

The Sacramento Kings aren't stopping at headgear in their focus on new technology as a way to connect with fan.  The team also announced today that it is going to accept bitcoins.

Come March 1, Kings fans will be able to use bitcoins to buy things such as jerseys and game tickets.

"A bitcoin is a virtual or a digital currency," BitPay CEO Tony Gallippi said. 

He says the Kings approached him at the recent Consumer Electronics Show.

"They had already heard, I guess, a little bit about bitcoin, they were curious. But they were just wondering, 'Well if we were to do this, what would we do," Gallippi said. 

Kings President and CEO Chris Granger says the idea came from managing partner Vivek Ranadive's kids.

"His kids kept asking why we don't accept bitcoin," Granger said. 

So, bitcoins are helping to cultivate a new generation of Kings fans.

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