Important keys to the City of Sacramento are missing, and that could leave the city vulnerable.

Master keys, which allow firefighters to access buildings, factorys, apartments, elevators, locked passages, electrical closets, literally the keys to the city, have been exposed to theft and a number of them are missing.

In a News10 investigation, they found firefighter keys were still vulnerable to theft months after the city auditor warned they were in danger.

"This needs to be remedied.  I trust the fire department will find a solution to this quickly and ensure that those keys and those buildings are secure," said City Auditor Jorge Oseguerra.

Oseguerra added that a number of very important keys have already gone missing.  Just Tuesday, Sacramento City Fire received key safes which will be outfited in engines and vehicles keeping the master keys safe.  

Sacramento Metro Fire units have already had key safes in their units for the last five years.