As we learn more about the Ebola outbreak, one Sacramento mother is mourning the loss of her son, who died from the deadly virus.

Florence Brown is completely devastated about the news that her son, 27-year-old Bobby Weh, was a victim of the Ebola outbreak.   

"He was a very good child. He was ready to help anybody. But today he's gone," Brown told News10. 

Brown says she received the word about her son's death last week.

Bobby worked as a handyman in the capitol of Monrovia, where Brown thought he would be safe.

She says he was buried in a mass grave, no death certificate, no one to bring home. 

Friends from Jesus International Church of the Nazarene in Sacramento are holding a drive, where people can drop off food, medical supplies, clothing or anything, that can help save lives in West Africa. 

The drive is this Saturday. The church address is 8115 Elder Creek Road, in Sacramento. Those wishing to donate can also call Pastor Tim Wulah at (916) 501-3618. Church members will even drive to pick up donations.