There's a human cost, and a financial one.

Sacramento is one of the worst cities in the state for DUIs.

Our area frequents top 10 lists for drunken driving offenses statewide, and that means it's probably a good thing that we're also one of the most expensive cities in the nation to get one in.

"You'll get a fine, you'll get a penalty assessments, you're going to be required to go to classes and pay for those," Chris Cochran with the office of Traffic Safety said. 

Cochran says those costs will all add up to a few grand.

"The insurance is going to be the biggie, because it lasts for years and years," Cochran said. 

A new survey from financial website NerdWallet shows on average, premium increases after a DUI will shoot up 138 percent -- a figure that leads most of the country.

In fact, it's nearly twice as much.