E.U. foreign ministers have been summoned to an emergency meeting in Brussels tomorrow to decide on a course of action on Ukraine.

E.U. Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso is blaming Ukraine's "political leadership" and predicts the European Union will impose sanctions as a result.

The latest clashes between protesters and police have killed at least 25 people and injured hundreds.  

And as violence continues between riot police and anti-government protesters in Kiev, the Ukrainian community in Sacramento is watching.

Lubow Jowa is President of the Ukrainian Heritage Organization of Northern California. She tells News10 the blame is solely with Ukrainian government.

"We have a corrupt government dominated by oligarchs and influenced very much by the Russian Federation," she said. 

Jowa says the unrest in Ukraine comes down to the country's shaky economy, and a lack of education and jobs.  

She blames that country's president for what's happening and says Sacramento locals with ties to Ukraine want to see change.