All aboard! The Sacramento Preservation Commission will meet Wednesday to approve final interior and exterior designs for restoration of the historic Sacramento Valley Station downtown.

The $15 million rehab for the train station is funded by a federal grant and local Measure A revenue.

It's been in the works for a year now, with seismic retrofits taking place up to this point.
Project manager Greg Taylor tells KFBK that plans call for the Amtrak services to be moved to the west side of the building, opening up the passenger lobby and bringing retail and office space to the terminal's second and third levels.
"I'm taking a building that currently has one tenant of 22,000 square feet and filling the whole building, which is really 68,000 square feet," Taylor said. "We'll definitely be cleaning it up, re-glazing and matching new amber glass ... repainting and bringing back the original paint in the lobby, restoring the mural."
The city council could give the go-ahead by September and renovations should be completed by 2016, the 90th anniversary of the station's grand opening.