Seattle is looking for a new police chief...and one of the top three candidates comes from the Sacramento area. 

Elk Grove Police Chief Robert Lehner says that if he hadn't accomplished his goals here, he never would have applied for the job.

'Since I've done the things here that I've needed and wanted to do, the department is in great shape. I've got command staff ready to take over. We've done our succession planning,' says Lehner.

This is the same job former Sacramento Police Chief Rick Braziel was a finalist for in 2010.

Lehner has some tough competition...alse being considered for the job is current Mesa, Arizona Police Chief Frank Milstead and former Boston police commissioner Kathleen O’Toole.

Lehner spent 25 years in the Tuscon, Arizona police department. He was appointed the chief of police in Eugene, Oregon in 2004. He's been the top cop in Elk Grove since 2008.