Just the idea of changing Sacramento's Sunshine Rule brought out harsh criticism and, a little back peddling. 

It seemed innocent enough, the city clerk wanted to lighten the work load just a bit. To do this, they wanted the Sunshine Rule, a transparency in government law --nixed.  

This set off an immediate reaction from Eye on Sacramento, a watchdog group.  

Eye On Sacramento member Craig Powell took to News10. 

"I'm a little suspicious of 'why now,' just three short weeks before the scheduled approval of the final arena deal we see a proposal to gut the city's Sunshine Rule that requires public disclosure of these documents," he said. 

After that, the City Clerk back tracked on their recommendation and said they wouldn't support its passage.  Regardless, it still came up for a vote.  

In the end, the city council voted down the recommendation, keeping the Sunshine Rule in place.