What a difference a day can make.  San Diego County officials say five wildfires have been 100 percent contained.  Firefighters also have 90% containment of the week's first big fire in the community of Rancho Bernardo. Lighter winds and cooler temperatures are helping firefighters. 

Firefighters are very optimistic they will get the upper hand on the San Marcos fire Friday and walking around there, one could understand why.  The temperatures are lower, the winds are greatly reduced.  Obviously there are still a few hot spots, but for the most part the sky is clear blue, there are no plumes of smoke in the sky.

Another development has three people under arrest in connection with the southern California fires.  

County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis says two people were arrested for starting small fires in Escondido.  An adult was arrested on suspicion of arson in Oceanside.  She remarked that the cases will be investigated to find any possible connection with the larger wildfires that have burned more than 19,000 acres in southern California and destroyed several structures.

The Sacramento Red Cross is assisting with relief in the San Diego fires. Christine Yoo, a Red Cross staff member based in Sacramento, will be deploying to San Diego to assist. Yoo recently moved to Sacramento from San Diego where she worked for the Red Cross chapter that is currently leading the wildfire relief operation.