Batkid freed a damsel in distress and then sped off in his batmobile after getting reports of a bank being rob by The Riddler.

PHOTOS: Batkid on the move

If you haven't heard, Friday, San Francisco, with the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, was transformed into Gotham City to grant the wish of a five year old boy battling leukemia.

His name is Miles Scott and the action for him didn't end there, he also sped off  to rescue the San Francisco Giants mascot who had been kidnapped by the Penguin.

A grateful mayor Ed Lee later gave Miles a key to the city after the crooks were corralled. 

Miles is a 5-year-old battling lymphoblastic leukemia that he's had since he was 20-months-old. Miles' biggest wish is to be a super hero.

As many as 10,000 people were expected to turn out to see Miles become the super hero he's always dreamed of.

The San Francisco Chronicle even printed a special edition, the "Gotham City Chronicle," for the occassion. 

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Even the president was weighing in on Bat Kid's adventures.