A Federal complaint says 20-year-old Nicholas Teausant was actively searching to join an anti-American terrorist organization in Syria, known as ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria - commonly referred to as al Qaida in Iraq. The FBI got wind of Teausant's online activity last year, and a confidential informant often met with Teausant, gaining his trust.

Teausant expressed a desire to offer weapons training to ISIS members, and at one time planned to bomb the LA Metro train system. Teausant sold his laptop to an undercover FBI agent to help pay for his trip to Syria. The complaint says the computer contains searches for items like "how to build a bomb," and "where can I buy an ISIS flag."

Teausant was arrested Sunday in northern Washington state, while on a bus heading for the Canadian border. He appeared in a Seattle court this afternoon, and will return to Sacramento to face one charge of providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization. 

In an interview, just days ago, Teausant expressed his views on a man's freedom of expression when the man - who is not military affiliated - wore military clothing at Delta College.


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