Hundreds of guns purchased for the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department are being returned after several were found to be defective.


The sheriff's office learned about the faulty handguns when two of them did not work at a gun range.

The pin and spring above the recently purchased .40 caliber Sig-Sauers would not allow the guns to fire.

So the sheriff had all 300 guns to be commissioned out of service. And while deputies spent the day returning the guns and getting their older service weapons back, other police agencies in the San Joaquin County covered for those deputies. 

Sheriff's spokesman Les Garcia spoke with News10 and says deputies were not in any danger of hurting themselves with the weapons. 

"When the gun is inoperable, yes the gun will not fire, but it wasn't in the fact that it had a potential to explode -- it wasn't that type of failure," Garcia said. 

Garcia says a representative will be sent to fix the hand guns today, but there's no timeline of when they'll be issued back to deputies.