Fallout continues at the San Juan Unified School District, as the board moves to discipline one of their own.

A member of the San Juan Unified School District board took no action to launch an investigation, and apparently defended, embattled Superintendent Glynn Thompson from allegations of abusive behavior.

Now, board member Larry Masuoka has been censured.

"It's not been discussed. It hasn't been agendized, and so we haven't discussed it," said Board president Lucinda Luttgen at a December News Conference when asked about Masouka's lack of action. 

But Tuesday night the board moved to censure Dr. Masuoka on a 3-1 vote with Masuoka abstaining and board member Saul Hernandez voting against the formal repremand.

During a comment period Mary Ann Pivetti, a former principal of Skycrest Elementary School in Citrus Heights and one of the women allegedly abused by Thompson, appealed to Masuoka to spare the district any more grief and step down immediately.

Masuoka said he was doing his best as the matter unfolded.