The Supreme Court upheld a ruling Tuesday Morning okaying deadly force after a high-speed police chase, even when the suspect's car was temporarily cornered.

With the unanimous decision, the justices dismissed the "excessive force" claim against Arkansas officers who shot a driver after he refused to give up.  Justice Samuel Alito wrote the officers were justified in shooting the motorist because he continued to move his car after being pinned by the squad car. 

The chase began after officers noticed a broken headlight and tried to question the driver. The driver drove off at speeds reaching 100 mph.  After the car was stopped and cornered, the driver continued to spin his wheels and drive off. The officer fired three shots into the vehicle.  When the driver drove off again two other officers fired 15 shots total killing the driver and the passenger. 

Judge for yourself. We have posted the dash-cam video below, but beware, the video could be considered graphic.