The search for missing Malaysia Airline's flight MH370 is focusing on an area in the remote waters off Perth, Australia after a commercial satellite detected two large objects. Steve Futterman reports from Kuala Lumpur:

After two weeks, it's possible wreckage has been found.

"New and credible information has come to light in relation to the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-370," said Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot.

Now the goal; to locate these objects, and see if they are indeed remnants from the missing plane.  Reconnaissance jets flew out to the area but were hampered by poor visibility.  There's also a Norwegian cargo ship which is assisting in the search.

Yes, it's been twelve days of searching for that missing plane.  Not knowing where the jet is is killing this father in Beijing.  He expresses his anguish here, with the help of an interpreter. Listen closely to the message.

"The first round of searching for seven or eight days, they said it was in the China sea.  That took a long time, but eventually they said it went West.  They lost the best searching time, it's like killing people.  It's like murder!" exclaimed the man.

The current search is being delayed due to bad weather in the area and more moving in.